ERISA health care reimbursement claims present some of the most difficult issues and can often derail a potential tort settlement if not handled properly. Resolving ERISA reimbursement claims has been the cornerstone of our practice for nearly a decade.  The Law Office of David Abney has navigated thousands of clients across these dangerous waters.  We routinely secure waivers in cases where plan language is defective, but just as importantly our experience negotiation skills allow us to provide invaluable advice to clients.  We designed our claims audit and multi-level language review processes with one goal in mind; securing the largest possible reduction for the client.  We take pride in our results and are happy to provide references if you are interested in speaking with our current clients.

“Protecting injured worker’ recoveries from corporate health insurances is important work. David has been fighting for these workers and their right ti safeguard compensation that they often desperately need for many years, and he is at the top of his game. Erisa subrogation is complex and increasingly hostile terrain for injury victims and their attorneys and David’s depth of knowledge and expertise on these issues offers a welcome advantage for any one facing a subrogation claim”

Matt Wessler, Principal at Gupta Wessler PLLC,

“Anyone facing an ERISA subrogation claim, such as when a health insurance company tries to recover money from someone who was injured, should call David Abney right away. David Abney and his team understand ERISA better than just about anyone, and will use the law to protect your rights. No one should face a health insurance company alone, and the best champion an injured person can have is David Abney and his team.”

Eric Buchanan, Past-President, Tennessee Trial Lawyers; Past-Chair AAJ ERISA Health and Litigation Group.